Winners Take All by Fred Bowens

March 7, 2008
The covered showed kids robbing homeruns. Then the summary said Kyle and his team was fighting for first place in the cubs and the Reds division.

The Reds and the cubs are battling for first place in the Rising Stars League. Kyle and the Reds need a victory in their game to go ahead in the standings. He is the Reds center fielder for them and he and his team want to win desperately. Kyle is a very poised player when it comes to close games. He always has his parents cheer him on during those games.

I thought this was a good book because he is a talented player and he wants to be the best he possibly can. I recommend this book to baseball fans and big sports fans. I learned that anybody could be good at sports if they tied their best. I think the author excited me by telling who is doing what.

If you read this book it would feel like you just hit a homerun to win the game. So I suggest you read this book if you want that feeling. If you don’t check it out bad for you.

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