Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas by James Patterson

October 10, 2007
By Justine Sugden, Galesburg, IL

Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas is a compelling love story that will keep you guessing all the way to the end. I love James Patterson, but I never knew he could make a book contradicting what he usually writes about--mysteries. In this book, the main character, Katie, thought she had found the right guy, her perfect match, but one day he left with no explanation at all.

Katie was distraught, she couldn’t believe Matt would do this to her. Because Matt was always closed when it came to his past, Katie didn’t push for answers but after the desertion, she felt pushing might have been the best choice. Arriving home after a boat ride that involved sobbing and many stares, she saw a package on her front porch. It was from Matt. She didn’t want to open it, but when she did, she couldn’t believe what she found, Suzanne’s diary for Nicholas and a note from Matt.

The note read:
Dear Katie,

No words or actions could begin to tell you what I’m feeling now. I’m so sorry about what I allowed to happen between us. It was all my fault, of course. I take all the blame. You are perfect, wonderful, beautiful. It’s not you. It’s me.

Maybe this diary will explain things better than I ever could. If you have the heart, read it.

It’s about my wife and son, and me.

I will warn you, though, there will be parts that may be hard for you to read.

I never expected to fall in love with you, but I did.


Katie Wilkinson worked at the New York Publishing House. She loved her job and it rewarded well. She lives in an apartment with her dog, Merlin, and her cat, Guinevere. She lived a good life. She was happy, she thought, content with her life, until Matt Harrison sauntered into her Publishing House.
Suzanne was a fun loving girl who had her heart broken by Michael, her first true love. She carried on, made a new life for herself, and met Matt. She loved everything about him. Before she knew it, they were getting married and Nicholas was on his way.
Matt Harrison was a laid back guy who loved to work around the house. He was every girl’s dream guy. However, he found himself with a wife and son but in love with another woman. He didn’t want to hurt his wife and definitely not his son, so he walked out on his true love, Katie.
Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas kept me guessing from the very first page. If you love to read romantic, heart breaking love stories, I highly recommend this novel. This book grabbed my attention from the prologue. I enjoyed this book because of the problems within the lives of Suzanne and Katie, they go through many difficult situations but yet they don’t give up. This novel really inspired me to never give up no matter the situation. If you like James Patterson’s mysteries or any mystery for that matter, you may enjoy this book. I know I did.

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