Raven's Gate by Anthony Horowitz

October 29, 2012
By Anonymous

CAUTION!!! The realm in which you are about to enter is neither safe nor joyous, but EXTREMELY dangerous. Anthony Horowitz’s book Raven’s Gate is the first of five in the Gatekeeper series. It truly fascinates me because it’s very action-packed and involves mysteries, peer pressure (very little, but some),and involves sinister acts. Will you be the one that ends up with someone you don’t trust or acts differently?

“The truth is much bigger than Matt or the town, but Matt is the only one who can stop the ultimate evil from being unleashed.” In Raven’s Gate, the main character,Matt, is involved with some pretty heavy stuff. It all starts when “Matt gets in trouble for a crime he saw, but didn’t commit.” I’m not going to tell you what he does to get in trouble because you would probably all run outside in only your underwear and scream SPOILER ALERT as loud as you could. When he gets in trouble, he has to join the Leaf Project. As he arrives at the house he is staying at that present time, he notices strange things about the woman looking after him and everyone else in the town. If that isn't bad enough, he has to do a lot of work. Matt agrees,but when the farmer dies,he manages to write Raven's Gate on the wall in his blood. Afterward, nobody even dares to help him. Matt decides to get out of town, but every time he leaves, he goes through a circle and ends up in the same place every time. Like the author said before, "the truth is much bigger than Matt or the town, but Matt is the only one who can stop the ultimate evil from being unleashed."

The characters in this book were interesting. Matt, the main character, grew up in Ipswitch. Matt gets in trouble and has to live with another character, Mrs. Deverill. Mrs. Deverill acts very strange. Matt's problem is when a farmer writes Raven's Gate on the wall, Matt has to figure out what it means. Mrs.Deverill and Matt do not get along very well. They act passively aggressive towards each other. Noah is Mrs. Deveril's assistant,and he gets physical towards Matt. That is why these characters intrigued me.

I love Raven's Gate because it involves peer pressure, witches and mystery.Think about this: Will you get involved in what Matt did?

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