The Pledge by Chandra Sparks Taylor

October 29, 2012
By reviewer SILVER, St. Louis, Missouri
reviewer SILVER, St. Louis, Missouri
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This thrilling book was written by an amazing author, Chandra Sparks Taylor, who also has way more books you can/choose to read, but I prefer the pledge and the promise, both written by the same author and are the same story’s. There is no possible way you will not be shocked by the end of the book. You won’t be able to set your book down, so make sure before you read you had enough food and sleep !(;A love story, but a frantic love story that all revolves around a teenage girl, Courtland, who is a cheer leader. Yes, one of those popular somewhat, pretty, funny teenagers. She falls in love with a teenage football star, Allen. Allen is NOT what Courtland had thought he would be. Does he really like her? Is he what he’s making himself out to be? Courtland is figuring out the hard way about heart breaks and boys. Once you figure out Courtland’s story you’re going to want to read more and more and more.

Courtland is not able to date until she is 17 and has made a pledge to not have sex until she is married. She has a pretty good life until football star, Allen, comes into her life and plays someone he is not. Courtland’s best friend, bree, has warned Courtland about this boy, but if you were in love would you want to believe what your best friend said or what the boy was making himself out to be? In the middle of their relationship Courtland figures out what Allen is really about and who he really is! Does Courtland end up breaking her pledge? After she figures out the horrible news her aunt had done to Courtland behind her back…. Could Courtland ever forgive her? This is one dramatic book!

From the beginning, Courtlands father had never really tried to be in Courtland and her sister, Cory’s life. Their dad was a drunk, he had always drunk and he wasn’t real worried about anything else. Cory and Courtland were pretty close if you asked me. Cory had always tried looking out for her sister, even though she IS younger. Courtland’s mom had made effort to be in their lives though. Courtland and Corys aunt Dani was worried about herself. She had always been a bad influence on them. She was only in her early 20’s though. A little bit older than Courtland, but she had done something nobody would have ever thought she would have done! What she had done is just something you have to read the book to know (:

Well, if I persuaded you enough to read this, you’re not going to put this book down! It’s one goooood book! It has boy drama (which is always interesting), and family drama. If you were in love with a boy but had heard something bad about him coming from your best friend, which one would you believe? What if it was HORRIBLE? Does Courtland end up taking the wrong path or does she take the right one? Read, Read, and Read, to figure out! Enjoy!

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cstwrites said...
on Nov. 9 2012 at 11:46 am
Thanks for the great review! Chandra Sparks Taylor

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