Catch by Will Leitch

October 29, 2012
By Anonymous

HEY! THINK FAST! Catch is a great book in most people’s opinion. Tim “the main character” has the good life. A great summer job lots of women that want him. Tim even is one of the best baseball players in all of Illinois! So why would Tim need to go to college? Tim’s brothers life was ruined by college why would he need to take the same path?
Tim thinks he has it all till he falls head over heels for a 22 year old named Helena. Tim thinks she’s perfect, but Helena doesn’t think the same about Tim, she thinks he is a dirty hoodlum. Now Tim must decide will he stay as a small town hero and try to win Helena’s heart or will he go to college and risk losing everything for something even better? What will Tim choose and why?
Tim hangs around with a bunch of friends he calls the horsemen because there all crazy and a bunch of big drunkies. Tim has a friend named Jessica she and him has some past from last summer. They both Jessica and Tim wonder if this summer will be the same. Will Tim and Jessica do it again? No one knows only Tim and Jessica can decide.
So in my opinion I think Catch is a great book. If you’re looking for an interesting book but also a more mature one, definitely choose this one. This book has just about everything! Romance, mystery, and even comedy. I haven’t even finished the book and I find it amazing and funny. Catch is not a very well known book but I think in maybe a year or two this book will have a few awards. This book is under rated it should be known more than it already is. So if you’re looking for a good book you might want to read an amazing and good book choose catch.
So in my opinion catch is an amazing book. If you’re looking for excitement read catch it’s not even that big. It’s only like 480 pages and it’s really nerve racking. It makes you think “oh what is he going to do next?” it keeps you guessing and wondering what’s going to happen to Tim. Trust me you will not regret choosing this book

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