Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton

October 12, 2012
“ She lost her arm in a shark attack and nearly died, but she never lost faith. “

Soul Surfer. A book that has you clinging to every page you read. Bethany Hamilton herself tells us of a horrific accident that happened when she was just a teen. An accident that turned her whole life upside down.

Bethany Hamilton was an average girl who had many of friends and a loving family who enjoyed Bethany’s love and passion. Surfing. Bethany told us that since she stepped onto a boogie board when she was a toddler, she couldn’t stay away from the water. Every day Bethany woke up, ate breakfast, and the rest of the day was devoted to her love and passion, surfing.

It was that one Halloween morning in Kauai, Hawaii that her life changed completely. Shark Attack. While Bethany and her friend were floating on the water, out of know where nowhere a shark came out and attacked Bethany. After that accident, Bethany was left with half a surf board and one arm. Bethany had a very hard recovery time and described to us that every day and night that she was laying in the hospital bed, her only concern was if she was ever going to surf again. She couldn’t imagine a life without surfing. Bethany told us that there was no point of living ,for her if she didn’t do the one thing she loved in life.

Soul Surfer is definitely an inspiring book that has so many messages. Bethany tells the reader throughout the book to never give up. She never did and she accomplished something she never thought she could do with one arm. This book tells the reader that when you are in a bad situationto never give up because something good can come out of bad things. Bethany shows the reader and her family, that she is devoted to making her life great and that nothing can get in her way.

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