Perfect by Sara Shepard

October 10, 2012
By cheersister7 BRONZE, White Heath, Illinois
cheersister7 BRONZE, White Heath, Illinois
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The third Pretty Little Liars' novel, perfect by Sara Shepard, is the best of the series yet. This suspenseful mystery takes place in the small mysteries town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania. In a small town like Rosewood it is hard to know who to rust. In this book Hanna, /aria, Emily, and Spencer all learn this. All these girls have secrets that only their dead friend Allison knew. Or is she the only one that knows?

All the girls have been getting strange texts from A. A has threatened if they don't do what they want A will tell their big secrets. Or has A decided to tell the girls secrets anyway? Aria gets in some unexpected fights. Hanna becomes friends with the one person that she use to make fun of, because her best friend left her. Emily gets send to a place that want to change who she is. Spencer loses an important reward. This is all because of A. It doesn't help there is a Rosewood stalker. Can this stalker possibly be A?

Even thou this book is mostly serious, Shepard does a good job of bringing humor into it. The best thing Sara Shepard does is when the girls have memories of Allison it feels like she is there with the girls.

If you enjoy mystery with some romance you will enjoy this novel. Also, you should read this book if you have read the other two books and thought they were amazing. This book is defiantly more suspenseful. If you love to watch the show then you should read it and compare the book and the show. Another great series by Sara Shepard is The Lying Games. So far Perfect is the most exciting of the series. I encourage you to keep reading the whole series.

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