The Underdogs by Mike Lupica

October 10, 2012
By John Johns III BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
John Johns III BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
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The Underdogs, by award winning author Mike Lupica depicts the story of a football team just trying to win. The book takes place in Forbes, Pennsylvania where star running Will Tyler is trying to get a team together. After losing in the championship game the year before when he fumbled the ball in the fourth quarter, Will really wants to win the big one this year. One problem, actually there's many problems that create on big one. First, Forbes is a bordering ghost town. Then, only 10 players sign up for the team. Finally, they have no coach. All of these big issues make Will push to the brink of insanity to have a football team this season.

After reading this book, I give the author lots of credit. For example, it's a well explained book, which is usually the case when Mike Lupica is the one with the pen. It can also relate to other kids with Will's lifestyle as a teenager. This is a book for people who enjoy sports, and are in the age range of 10-14. This is also very similar to Travel Team and Summer Ball, which are both by Lupica.

In conclusion, if you enjoy sports, you'll love this story of true underdogs by Mike Lupica.

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