The Noticer

September 26, 2012
By She-Lob BRONZE, Nipomo, California
She-Lob BRONZE, Nipomo, California
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The Noticer, by Andy Andrews goes through the life of individuals who are lost in their thinking and need a way out. Jones, the protagonist symbolizes Jesus, who saves the hopeless in any situation. A secondary character, Andy, who’s also the author, wrote about how Jones changed his thinking and the lives of others. If it was getting people back on their feet, saving divorces, taking people out of a state of insecurity, Jones helped them all. The main focus was not so much that he personally saved them, it was more he gave them perspective on their situation. Andy’s attitude is completely loving and intrigued of Jones. He wants to be around Jones forever but he disappears after each act of kindness. The story has many different settings because there are numerous situations but in the beginning of the novel was the most important because Jones saved Andy from homelessness, at the beach under the pier where he so lonely lived. He brought him back on his feet and led him to writing the novel of every individual’s experience. Each person in this book went through tough situations, Jones gave them perspective which effected and changed their outlook on life. Everyone has issues they need to work out and the situations in this book are very common to relate to.

The author's comments:
A Moving Story of common wisdom!!

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