Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

September 30, 2012
By Jacob Smith BRONZE, Auburn, New York
Jacob Smith BRONZE, Auburn, New York
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The novel Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, tells a story a story of a girl named Katniss, and boy named Peeta. While facing the challenges they happened in the previous Hunger Games, the capitol is now in facing a rebellion from the citizens. Sense katniss, and Peeta went against the capitol, and found a way for them both to win, everyone is questioning the capitol’s power over the people.
Sense the games Katniss and Peeta haven’t spent a lot of time together. The people of the districts think that the romantic relationship between Katniss and Peeta was fake, just so they wouldn’t have to compete against each other. Now that the games are over, and the people think the capitol doesn’t have the power they claim over the people, they start to rebel. Because of this rebellion, President Snow takes a visit to Katniss’s home in district 12. The smell of blood and roses fills the air as Mr. Snow confronts Katniss with this issue. He tells her that she needs to put on a show for the people, and make it seem like Peeta and her are in love. If not and the people don’t believe her, then she would be killed, and Gale and her family would have to suffer from her mistake.
While the Quarter Quell is approaching Katniss, Peeta, and Haymitch are the trainers for the new tributes. The Quarter Quell is held every twenty five years to celebrate the rebellion that failed seventy five years ago, its held to remind the people the capitol has power over them. The Quarter Quell is the same as the hunger games, but with a special twist.
While the Quarter Quell is going on, Katniss and Peeta are forced to become contributes to the games. Haymitch being the trainer, has promised to keep Katniss safe. IN the middle of the game Haymitch tells them that if they want to live again then they need to make alliances with the other contestants. This is going to keep keep them safe until the others outside of the alliance are killed. One day in the game Katniss get hit in the head, and the others from the alliance get hurt also. But someone outside of the arena breaks the force field and rushes in to save the members of the alliance.
While they try to get their strength back from the game, when Katniss heals up and figures out what is going on, she finds out that theres another alliance that wants to rebel against the capitol and get rid of the hunger games. Letting the capitol know that they don’t have the power over them that they thought. Now that Katniss and the others are aware of the rebellion, they have decided to follow with the rebellion, and take down the capitol. Dedicating their lives to fight against them, and destroy the games, so others don’t have to put up with the same misery and trauma that they had to go through.

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