The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

September 11, 2012
By sierradestiny33 BRONZE, West Seneca, New York
sierradestiny33 BRONZE, West Seneca, New York
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If you like books about romance, family, and friendships, then “The Last Song” by Nicholas Sparks is the book for you. “The Last Song” is a book all about the life of a girl named Ronnie and has lots to do with romance and family mainly.
Ronnie is the main character of the story. The story changes point of view between chapters. For example, in one chapter you will read about what Ronnie is doing and in the next you will hear about what her boyfriend, Will is doing. Ronnie is a teenage girl that is forced to visit her father for a summer in North Carolina with her little brother, Jonah. Steve (Ronnie’s dad) and Ronnie’s mother got divorced three years ago. Ronnie hasn’t spoken to her father since the divorce because she feels it is his fault and is therefore very upset about spending the entire summer with him. When Ronnie first moves there, she doesn’t even talk to her dad unless she is yelling at him. She usually is down by the beach and out all night. This is when she meets her first friend, Blaze. Blaze is a troubled teen that only goes home for money. This is also when Ronnie first meets Will. After seeing Ronnie for the first time, Will instantly knows there is something different about Ronnie. Will never gives up on her until she finally starts to go out with him, even though Ronnie has always felt the same way about him. After Ronnie and Will start dating, many problems start to occur within the book. (Not because of them dating though.) Between family and friend problems, Ronnie starts to lean on Will for a lot of support. Ronnie and Will go through many things throughout the novel and they would not have gotten through it without each other.
I thought “The Last Song” was one of the best books I have ever read. At first I loved that you got to go through Ronnie’s life with her as she deals with all of her problems. Then I discovered that there is more to the story. Especially with Will and Blaze. For example I love when the narrator explains how Will feels about Ronnie by saying “she’d listened to him just as he’d listened to her, he’d believed he could tell her anything, and vice versa.” Also the problems with her dad and other family problems, even problems with Will’s family, make the book even more interesting.
The dislikes for the book are very slim. I didn’t like how the book was told in third person rather than first. I thought that if it was told in first person, the reader might have gotten a better understanding of the story by knowing what the characters were thinking.

Nicholas Sparks did a great job of telling the life of Ronnie in “The Last Song”. I would recommend this book to somebody who enjoys romance and family books.

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