The bar code rebellion by suzane weyn

June 14, 2012
By Anonymous

The Bar Code Rebellion

The bar code rebellion is of the most unique and interesting books I have ever read. It starts out with a seventeen-year old Kayla, who lives in a world that is in the future, or the year 2025.
In her story, you have to be bar-coded when your 17, and Kayla, Mfumbe (her friend) and many other rebels don’t want to get bar-coded because the bar code holds there identity, like an id. But they know there’s something else in the code. What it is, they don’t know.

After Kayla gets separated from Mfumbe at a march, she meets Dusa, her old friend. Kayla finds out that there are more versions of her, all identical. She meets jack, a hacker that hacks into the security systems to make fake bar codes. Kayla finds Allyson, another old friend.

As Allyson helps jack to hack into systems, find about Kayla’s clones and the secret in the code, Kayla goes with her friends to find her clones.

As you read this book, I hope you won’t be able to put it down. I recommend it to teenagers for some contents. Although this does get dull in some parts it is still a great book to read. We read the bar code rebellion, and we hope you do to. Read on!

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