Stranded by Ben Mikealsen

June 7, 2012
Ben Mikaelsen

Hyperion Books for Children, 1995, 247 pp.,
ISBN- 0-7868-0072-0

In Pelican harbor of West Key, Florida, Koby Easton remembers her first life. It ended four years ago in an accident. After her accident, she thinks her whole life changes, but as she goes on throughout the book, she notices many different things, and she faces many fears and challenges, including her parents, school, and the ocean.

After moving off Dream Chaser, her boat, or also known as her home, she finds herself stranded out in the ocean all night, trying to save the life of the whales, Squirt and Lady. After a rescue, her whole school starts to notice Koby as a better person. One of her newest friends, Becky Norman, wanted Koby to start wearing shorts. Koby never wore shorts, because of her artificial leg, called leggy.

This story is a very suspenseful, dramatic book of action, drama, and comedy. I have been able to easily connect with Koby throughout this book, due to the similar situations I have in life. If you have problems similar to Koby’s, then I recommend reading this book to see how Koby deals with her issues in life. I recommend this book to anyone who loves reading books about depression, arguments, and marine biology. I recommend this to any middle school child. And for those who want a rating… on a scale of one-to-two, I give a 500.

-Jacob D.

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