Iron King by Julie Kagawa

June 1, 2012
By Anonymous

Iron King

363 pages, $9.99

Julie Kagawa

What would you do if your younger brother was taken by a dark creature from another world and then you find out your best friend is actually a fairy from this other world? Would you go in after your brother, with the only person you can trust is your friend who has lied to you your whole life? That’s what Megan does! In the book Iron King written by Julie Kagawa.

Follow Megan into another dimension where she finds out the truth behind her heritage. Where she learns she’s half-fairy princess. Stay with her even as she falls for the enemy and is trapped by spells of hatred. Find out who gets out alive.

Megan was never a popular in school and her parents can’t seem to remember that she even exists. The only people she has is her 5 year old bother and her best friend, Robby, but even Robby’s keeping secrets from her. She soon finds out she’s one of the most important pieces in this chess game of life. With a series including six books, Julie Kagawa keeps her readier on edge the whole time.

I LOVED this book. Right after I finished this one I went and bought the rest of the series. If you like fairies, elves, and forbidden love. I promise you that this book is for you. A book that I would say is sort of like it would be the vampire academies. If you liked those books you will like these.

Any way the point is I love the book and I highly recommend that you read it. I would suggest the book to any one 13 and over, since it’s most definitely a teen fantasy book. I promise it will keep you reading.

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