You don't know me REVIEW by David Klass

June 1, 2012
By Dezzylee GOLD, Cambridge MA, Massachusetts
Dezzylee GOLD, Cambridge MA, Massachusetts
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“You don’t know me.
Just for example, you think I’m upstairs in my room doing my homework. Wrong. I’m not in my room. I’m not doing my homework. And even if I were up in my room I wouldn’t be doing my homework, so you’d still be wrong. And its really not my room. It’s your room because it’s in your house. I just happen to live here right now.”

This quote is what starts you off when you start to read the riveting young adult novel by David Klass.

The book has a narrator voice that specks through the main character John to the reader. The voice is very humorous and sarcastic and more often then not has a teasing sense to it. EX. “Confused? Deal with it.”Pg1

When I started reading this book I could not put it down between the authors witty voice and the werid but so intriguing way John (the main character deals with his absent farther abusive and moody step farther and work-aholic mom who pays little to no atention to him), and the way he looks at everything. Thought out the book he gives people, and things different identitfy his tuba is in fact “a frog in disguise” or a girl that name is violet hayes he calls violent hayes thought out the book.

This book even with a lot of humor tends to have serious topics. The humor in the book is more of a coping mecanisim for the main charater and it often leads hi in to thrilling and jaw dropping scenes that you almost never see coming!

The author's comments:
I love this boook anybody could read it an enjoy it.

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