May 18, 2012
By Anonymous

Book Review Outline
Book title and author: Baseball by: Clive Gifford
Title of review:
Number of stars (1 to 5): (3)

Both individual and team sports are a lot of fun. Sports help kids meet new people, develop their skills, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. In the book Baseball, readers learn about the equipment techniques, and competition rules of the sport. This is a great book for starters in baseball and people who need information about the sport.
Description and summary of main points
This book tells you about baseball how and where they are played, the equipment and all the gear needed and how to get signed up. There are tips on training and on arising new techniques. This book also features famous baseball players at the top of their game, with cool pictures of them playing in real action.
This book over all is a great book for people who are looking to get into baseball and are curious about the rules, it’s not really for people that have been in the sport for a while and already know all the elements, equipment, and rules of the game.
The book is good for people who are getting into baseball because it offers the tips and the rules that you need to know to play the sport legally. The book tells you what size baseball bat you have to use for different leagues and all the positions there are and basically everything you need to know about the sport.
Your final review
I recommend the book to people who haven’t played baseball and are looking to get into the sport.

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