Joker One by DonavonCampbell

May 13, 2012
By KellerJD BRONZE, Charelston, West Virginia
KellerJD BRONZE, Charelston, West Virginia
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Joker One.

Joker One is a story of a Marine Platoon’s courage, leadership and brotherhood while suffering many tragedies through the worst battles in Ramadi, Iraq. This book is written by a former Marine by the name of Donovan Campbell. The Marines lives are explained in great detail and perspective of what the Marines truly experienced during there seven month day-to-day house-to-house combat. Platoon leader Donovan Campbell led his forty man infantry platoon through the best and worst of times but never gave up on his men and his promise to bring them home safely.

During there seven month deployment they shared many set backs and shortcomings. The platoon leader also saw great pride and acknowledged that his Marines could pull through and make the best out of their situation. The book throws you directly into the fighting and makes you feel as if you were there. There main mission was to protect the innocent, battle insurgent fighters, and pick up the town from rubble. After seven months of door-to-door and street-to-street fighting they didn’t achieve there goal but they did get the country back under control from Iraqi insurgents. Joker One shows that when a Marine Platoon comes together in a brotherhood they can survive the roughest of times and pull each other along and not let anyone loose there life.

Through all of the sporadic fighting and close encounters the platoon stuck together and there story will always remain in there hearts along with the Marines that passed away in combat. This book showed me the truth of being a Marine from a Marines point of view. Joker One sums up a whole deployment into a cliff hanger book that will keep you wanting more.

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