The Beautiful Words by Zachary H

April 9, 2012
I just wanted to put something out there to show the world I was here. What I stumbled upon myself is what really shocked me. Writing my book is easy. It's writing not only a good book, but one that is influential and noticed that is hard.
This is my view on what I have done. The best way I can describe what I felt reading this novel is, a book that with wet your eyes and dry them as well. I'm young but age is not as relevant to maturity as how efficient you are with the time that you have passed.
The way I see it is you get what you give, so I give it every little bit I can possibly give. Success is sweet, but sweet things can be addictive. This is my addiction that I will never break.
I'm Zachary and I'm an addicted author. I admit it but I will not fight it. I like who I am, and without my writing I wouldn't be myself. No intervention needed because already, on my own, I've found the me I love the most; the real one.

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