The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson

March 22, 2012
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''Why can I remember the details of the French Revolution but I can't remember if I had a best friend?
- From The Adoration Of Jenna Fox. Anger is not always the answer but sometimes its needed. In the book The Adoration Of Jenna Fox. Jenna is full of anger. It is very hard for her to control it. This is the message I got from the book. Anger is not always the best answer but sometimes its needed

I the book The Adoration Of Jenna Fox, By Mary E. Pearson, Jenna Fox was just in a terrible accident with her two best friends Kara and Locke. After a year of being in a comma, Jenna has a bunch of questions. She also doesn’t remember anything. Jenna Fox eventually asks her mom (Which she calls Claire instead of mom) if she can go to school. It takes her mom almost to much time, but she finally says yes. Later her mom gives her videos to watch about her life. Jenna starts to slowly remember some things, but will it be enough to uncover the secrets?

The think the theme of the book is anger and trust. Jenna has to learn how to start to trust people again especially her parent/family. They moved her r away from Boston because of her condition and the Bio-Gel inside her body. I also think that her parent should also trust Jenna a lot more than they do which is not much. Her parents won't even let her go outside or to school because they can't trust Jenna. If her parents learned how to trust Jenna, then the whole family wouldn't be affected by the lies going on.

I recommend this book because even though it's a little confusing at the beginning it is still very interesting. And although it's a fiction book some parts are super realistic. The emotions going on are very intense. This book also portrays what happens when you don't really trust the person you should, for example our parents or your children in this case. I think this book is appropriate for children 12 or older. It's entertaining, fictional, emotional, this book is a must read!

All in all, not only will this book keep you begging for more, but also as I said before, I guarantee you will feel so many emotions for example happiness, sadness and anger that it seems you are replaced with the main character Jenna Fox. This book is just amazing it's hard to find word to describe this book. You will literally have to read the book your self to see how amazing it is. Once you finish reading this book you will be speechless. The Adoration Of Jenna Fox, is a must read. Anger is not the answer but sometimes it's needed. How far will Jenna Fox go to find out the truth? You will have to read the book to find out!

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