The House on the Gulf by Margaret Peterson Haddix

March 21, 2012
By yummypurplepancakes BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
yummypurplepancakes BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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Secrets tear people apart; they hurt your friends and family. They make you want to do anything to figure out them out. Do you know what it feels like to figure out a secret and then practically want to explode? Britt knows that feeling and its eating her alive. This secret is not like any other, this one is illegal, and this secret is all about revenge. Although revenge is sweet, this just may have crossed the line. This story is filled with betrayal, questions, answers, excitement, friendship and much more!!!! The incredible book The House on the Gulf written by Margaret Peterson Haddix, is a magnificent book, and I would definitely recommend it to any reader searching for a good mystery.

The characters are really fun to read about. The mystery unfolds through the characters. For example, Susan Lassiter, the mother, was disowned by her own parents because she eloped with her boyfriend. Bran, the older brother, is usually calm and can ease his way out of any problem, but can he ease his way out of this one? Britt, the detective like sister, studies Bran very carefully hoping to uncover the big mystery. All in all, these are just a few characters, but there are lots more in the book.

In addition, I love the way the author writes, when there’s a conversation going on you know exactly who is speaking. The author doesn’t just include dialogue; she includes thoughts as well. So you know exactly what’s going on in Britt’s head. When she writes it’s really clear, you know exactly what point she is tying to get across to the reader. The author’s style is amazing, now I am going to tell about the pros and cons of the book.

I would definitely recommend this book, but there were some things I didn't like. For example, Susan Lassiter is really emotional because her parents disowned her, and whenever someone mentions her parents she breaks down and starts crying which is really annoying. If the author had added a little bit more information on what exactly her parents did to her, the book would have made a little bit more sense. Especially at the end when random facts just spring up. Although there were some parts in the book I did not enjoy there were also things I really liked. Such as Britt describing herself as a detective. This made the book seem like one big mystery. I really liked how the author described the personality each character had. In conclusion, although I really like this book, it does have some ups and downs. These are only a few pros and cons I noticed about the book, here are the improvements that stood out to me a lot.

There are a lot of improvements the author could have made. For example, in the book sometimes characters appear out of nowhere and that really confused me when I was reading. Another improvement the author could have made was with details. I don’t remember getting a clear detail on what some of the characters looked like and how their facial expressions looked liked when they were mad or extremely happy. All in all, I really hope you will read this book.

I fell in love with this book when I first picked it up. This book is well put together and absolutely amazing. It was definitely like no other book I have read. All in all, if you don't read this book I know you will regret it. In conclusion, this book is awesome, creative, and suspenseful. Trust me if you don't read this book then you are missing out. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good mystery to solve!!!!!

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