The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snickett

February 23, 2012
By Anonymous

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have misfortune almost every point in your life? Well the family I am going to tell you about had an excellent life… until tragedy struck. The three Baudelaire children Violet, Klaus, and Sunny got terrible news that their beautiful home has perished… there were no survivors recovered. They now have to live with Count Olaf and it takes off from there.

Count Olaf is a tall Skinny, man who is after the Baudelaire fortune, Violet will inherit when she is of age. Nevertheless, seeing how evil Count Olaf is he wants it all to himself. The three children Violet, Klaus, and Sunny all very much love each other and, all have a fascination of their own. Violet likes to invent random items. Klaus loves to read, and Sunny… well, she just likes to bite down of things. It takes place in mostly Count Olaf’s house and a couple other places you will have to find out.
My opinion of this book is that it is very suspenseful. This book will always want to make you read the next page because of how much suspense it has. You will never want to put this book down! I have recommended this book to many people and they would agree with me that it is very suspenseful… there is also a mystery or two in each book.

It is different to any book or movie I have read or seen, because number one reading is like T.V in your head! Second, it is deferent from any book because of the authors writing style. This book was also made into a movie but it was terrible… read the book, but please… just do not watch the movie, you will be disappointed.

Ok …I will admit I have read this book about three times, and every time has been better than the last! I have had a wonderful experience reading this book, and the rest of the series. Oh right I forgot! There are thirteen books in the whole series. This will defiantly keep you busy!

This book has received many awards such as, The Colorado Children’s Book Award, and the Nevada Young Readers Award, to name just a few. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes suspense and once, in a while an extraordinary mystery. If I could rate this book, I would rate it Five out of Five Stars. This is an astonishing book… SO READ IT RIGHT NOW!

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