Buried Onions

January 14, 2008
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Have you ever struggled in life, tried to make the right choices but every time you try, it's like you fall or someone pressures you. In "Buried Onions" by Gary Soto, Eddie struggles in life to make the right choices but every time he tries to succeed he falls. I love that Eddie's character can relate to a lot of people like me. This can relate to me because I struggle in everyday life but it's like the streets drop you to the ground.

Ever since his cousin died, Eddie has been stressed while living in Fresno, California. After that happen his aunt been nagging him, while Eddie was working for Mr. Stiles someone stole his truck, Eddie found out Angel killed Jesus, and he's just getting sick of all the stress and the onion affect. If this sounds interesting, find out what happens to Eddie. This story truely shows what can happen in life.

i like "Buried Onions" because it relates to me because I struggle in every day life because I want to become a doctor. I always talk to my friends how I wanted to be a doctor ever since I was 6 years old. But my friends try to change my perspctive, but I stick to my goals in life. Like me, Eddie struggles in a ghetto neighbor hood and is trying to make something of himself but struggles because the neighbor hood he lives in and the people around him tempt him into making the wrong choices.

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