Breaking Dawn

January 17, 2012
By Madeline Moskal GOLD, Dennison, Minnesota
Madeline Moskal GOLD, Dennison, Minnesota
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“I had more than my fair share or near-death experiences; it wasn’t something you ever really got used to.” That’s the first line in Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer. This book isn’t just about romance and love. This book drama and suspense. It’s Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer. Some big events, Stephanie Meyer, and why you should read the book.

At Bella and Edward’s honeymoon, Bella is still human, she so badly wants to have sex with Edward that they become overwhelmed and have to put their minds somewhere else. After waking up from a bad dream, Bella finds herself pregnant the next day and Edward rushes them out of the house they where staying. Only after a couple of weeks Bella starts to look like she’s old, tired, and wore down. Alice saw that the Volturi was coming in less then a month. They need other vampires to believe their story and not the the Voltuir convince them of something else. The Volturi came to “destroy” the Cullen Clan, when they found out Bella had a child that’s not fully immortal. The Volturi were ready to fight; if need. Stephanie Meyer had it all planned out from the beginning.
Stephanie Meyer has written Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. All of which are part of the Twilight Saga. Over the last couple of years the Twilight Saga has been very popular to many teens and even adults, all around the world. Stephanie Meyer may seem like the author that only writes fantasy's, but if you read the books not all of them have happy endings. This book is full of drama, romance, and some suspense. It’s no ordinary fantasy. This has to be my favorite book.
One of the reasons I like this book is; a human falls in love with a vampire. They have to figure out their relationship, since the two are not of the same specie it’s has that twist where you want her to be with him but yet you no it’s not right. One think I think would have been cool to add would be, while Edward was in Italy (in the book New Moon) if there was another girl that he met before Bella come to save him. I think that would add a funky twist on the book. The book is quite long but if you take the time to read it, it’s worth your time.
I think when Jacob ran away Bella felt more strongly about Edward because they was no pressure from Jacob. The honeymoon lead to Bella having an immortal child which lead to the Volturi coming. This may seem like your normal fairytale but I can promise you it’s not. Fairytale have endings you can expect. It’s not like the movie. You get to see through the eyes of Bella, Jacob, and Edward. I like the book better then the movie. Stephanie Meyer is an amazing author with a brilliant mind. My Rating? 8/10. I guess it’s up to you; What’s your rating?

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