milkweed by jerry spinelli

January 12, 2012
By krdicki BRONZE, Beech Bottom, West Virginia
krdicki BRONZE, Beech Bottom, West Virginia
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Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli is a novel of historical fiction set in Warsaw, Poland during World War II. The main theme of the story is good verse evil is when Misha take the food he get and gives it to the orphan, and the police shoots part of Misha’s ear off. The best part of the story was when doctor Korczak took the kids to the oven. The kids were not sad. They dressed in their best clothes and marched to the ovens. He had an chance to not to go with them, but he did it. He wentheru everything with them. He was a very sweet man .
Misha meets a lot of new people, but he considers the nice ones as family. They don’t have much food. They had to deal with the Nazi police every day. They did not know how long they were going to be there. They didn’t know if they were going to live or not.
Living in Warsaw was nothee best place to be during World War II. They had to steal to stay alive. In the beginning of the story Misha did not want to be a Jew. He meets a very nice Jewish family, the Milgrums. When the Nazis put up the wall. They left some holes in the wall. At first only Misha goes thru the hole. Then after a while janinia starts going with hI'msteall food. Then janina and Misha become like brother and sister. After the trains come to take then to the ovens. Mr.Milgrum tells mishia when they go thru the don’t come back k=just keep running.
This is a really nice and good book there are some of the story I did not get. I learned that everybody should be treated the same. They treated the Jew like dirt. I think it should matter how you look or whatheing you like it should all depend on how you act.
Milkweed is an educational book. I think this is for people who know what happen during World War II. If they don’t know what happen they might not know what it was.

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