Perfect by Ellen Hopkins

December 20, 2011
By Anonymous

Perfect, by Ellen Hopkins

“Perfect? How do you define a word without concrete meaning?”

Perfect is a fiction book, written by Ellen Hopkins in poetry form. The book is about four characters written in first person. Cara, who is trying to reach her Mother’s unrealistic high expectation for the perfect children, drives her twin bother, Conner, towards suicide. Kendra, a soon to be model, would do anything to have the perfect body, which means starving and surgeries. The baseball player, Sean, has revolved his life around Cara, and will do anything to get her back. Then there is Andre, who is secretly a dancer who learns to follow his dreams, even though his parents would rather have him follow their footsteps. They all learn later that if they do what they’re expected to do, they won’t ever learn how to live a happy life.

I think that Perfect was an amazing book about four people who learn that they should try to enjoy life and let go of the things holding you down. I love the style of Hopkin’s books and how she writes her stories. Her books are creative and makes you wonder what’s going to happened next. I truly enjoy reading her books. Every person in the book had a different story going on and it was very interesting. This book was inspirational and made me want to read more of Ellen Hopkin’s books. I would recommend it to more mature readers. Once you start reading this book, you can’t stop.

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