Lupita Manana by Patricia Beatty

December 19, 2011
By Jessicashortz BRONZE, Thorton, Colorado
Jessicashortz BRONZE, Thorton, Colorado
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The novel Lupita Mañana is about two teenagers, Lupita and Salvador. When their dad dies, they have no choice but to sneak across the border to live with their aunt Consuelo. Both have to find work and send money back to their mom in Mexico to help support the family. The book explains the hardships and struggles they experience to get into the USA. It shows how poor they are and how Lupita and Salvador’s bond is through out the story. Lupita Mañana had some exciting parts but there could have had more realistic parts too. Several times in the book Salvador and Lupita get saved in a very lucky, unlikely situation.
An exciting part was when Lupita got to go to a dance for the first time with one of Salvador’s friends. Then, when Salvador and Lupita sneak into a hopper car that goes across the border, la migra checks every single car on the train except for the one Lupita and Salvador are hiding in. It was extremely unrealistic to me for Lupita and Salvador to find people to help them every single time they needed it. Also, when they found jobs right when they cross the border. Theses were the few parts that were either exciting or impossible to me.
In conclusion, the writer could have put more detail that was real in this book. I thought it was a well written book but the author needs to make it more exciting for the reader. I recommend this book to younger children (like 6th -7th graders) who want to read about immigration stories that involve children. I compare this book to the movie La Misma Luna but I prefer the movie because it has more realistic parts in it.

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