Lupita Mananna by Patricia Beatty

December 19, 2011
Lupita Mananna

Will mananna really be better? Lupita Mananna is an interesting sad warming story book about crosing the border to the United States. They cross the border to the United States to get a better life and help her mom pay the house because her dad died. When they try to pass tehe bordeer they go thorugh a long journey and a lot of troubles to just get passed the border and trying to get work in the United States.

Lupita Mananna has really exiting parts in the book and suspense moments. When Lupita and Salvador (the main characters of the book) they pass the border they go throgh money probloms having bearly enogh to eat. Once they pass the border they get lucky and find a poncho that helps them get a job and have somewere to live for a while. When the migra comes to there work Lupita and Salvadar run away and they leave to go to anut Counselos by the time they get there Consulo dosent want them there because they have very little space to sleep and have no money. When anut Counselo finds out that they have money and that they can get a job and pay the rent she let’s them stay there and sleep with all the children. When life was bearly started getting good a targediy happens to Salvador and than Lupita has to find out a way to survive by hereself.
Lupita Mananna is an amazing book and I really recommend reading this because it really opens your eyes to see what people do to cross the border and why they do it. It is full of action and suspense and each chapter you end with would end with a question and you would wanna keep reading. If you like Under the Same Moon or Bajo la Misma Luna you will defenitly like this book.

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