One Child by Torey Hayden

December 12, 2011
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One Child by Torey Hayden

One Child was an inspiring novel that shared Torey Hayden’s life changing experience with teaching emotionally disturbed children. Torey and Anton taught for Special Education in a class of eight children. Fate walked into the classroom when Sheila arrived. The diminutive girl suffered from malnutrition with the characteristics of matted hair, hostile eyes, and a very bad odor. Sheila and her father lived in a migrant camp with no heat, plumbing, or electricity.

Sheila came into the class with atrocious manners as a result of deprivation of love and isolated herself from others. The stubborn child refused to interact with Torey and the other students. At home, this fearful innocent little girl had an abusive father. The guilty girl believed the truculent behavior of her father made her a “better” child. The mother of this emotionally damaged child left her on a freeway. Jimmie was Sheila’s brother who lived in California with the inhumane mother. On page 23 Sheila’s father stated, “she never cried.”

While reading this phenomenal book, Torey’s humane character proved that every child can be reached. The warmhearted teacher gave Sheila love, support, and showed her that trust is an important factor in a relationship. The obstinate instructor gave Sheila hope. The book details the incredible way that Ms. Hayden was able to work with Sheila and teach her not only to socialize, but also to gain respect for herself.

One Child made readers endure strong emotions and understand the emotional pain of disturbed children. No matter what someone’s background, they can change into self-sufficient and reliable adults. I recommend this book to people who are interested in child psychology. This novel can help people to cope that have been through abuse. No matter what, readers began to understand abuse, denial, and neglect. Sheila’s emotionally and physically abused childhood was changed into a brighter future because of Torey. “This will certify that the enclosed work is completely original.”

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