November 4, 2011
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What would you do if you were forced to make the biggest desion of your life? One that will deside you whole future, put your life at risk and not just yours. But others as well. And your only 16.

Kasey is a young teenager that lives in the Arctic with her father hunting and researching animals that live there. While she is working at the research lab hunting for polar bears and a few Ice Foxes, she is also looking for her long lost mother too. Her whole life Kasey has looked for her mother, but could never find her. Then one day out in the snow and ice she finds the polar bear king. And he knows where her mother is. The king will only tell Kasey where she is if Kasey marries him. Will she give up her dream and her whole life of hard work to save her mother?

This is a book with many twists and turns. You never know what will happen next. Ice is one of those books where the moment you pick it up you will not put it down. You can see the character changes over the course of the book. This book can also teach a lesson, if you pay real good attention. The lesson of”Do not judge a book by its cover” and also you can do anything if you do it out of love. I recommend this book people who are in the ages 9-14. I love this book, it is a very exsiting action filled book that will have your eyes glued the whole time!

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