Claire de Lune by Christine Johnson

November 3, 2011
By Anonymous

A world of monsters. Living, breathing, werewolves. That’s the world Claire Benoit lives in. This satisfying fantasy, Claire de Lune, by Christine Johnson, tells of a girl who discovers her true identity on her sixteenth birthday. She has become a member of an all female wolf pack, who rarely attack humans, in the town of Hanover Falls. Tension builds when strange killings occur, clearly the work of a werewolf. Now, Claire must let go of her crush Matthew, for the sake of her mother, and her pack.
Personally, I loved this book, it had thrilling werewolf scenes and romantic crush moments as well. Plus it has individuality from other werewolf novels, because of the fact that the werewolves are all female. I hoped for an epilogue to accompany it, and because this is such a new book, there may be a sequel in the future. I strongly suggest Claire de Lune to readers with wild imaginations and a love for fantasy and realistic fiction. I hope you come to enjoy this engaging story as much as I did.

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