Twisted By Lauren Halse Anderson

April 2, 2008
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This is a unraveling tale about an 18 year old named Tyler trying to figure out if life is or isn't worth living. Tyler, dealing with an angry father and trying to get by in his last year of high school, he thought that the easy way out of life is death. As, the book reveals events that occur in the story, you will be blown away by the decisions and actions Tyler makes.

Like most students in high school feel, Tyler had never fit in with the popular group. When Tyler's junior year ended he played a prank and sprayed graffiti all over their statue in front of the school. He was caught and put in community service as a landscaper through out summer; he came back to school looking muscular and clean cut. Through his senior year you will find out how his past is a conflict in his future and also the present time. He is treated badly and accused of crimes he didn't do, you will not want to put the book down after reading the first three pages.

I admit when I saw this book I thought it looked really good, I saw that Lauren Halse Anderson was the author of Speak and I loved it. I started to read Twisted and I just couldn't put the book down, it was really a cliff hanger after you stopped. Lauren puts real life situations into her stories and makes it enjoyable for teens to read. I extremely liked the way Lauren made the book easy to read and for me I am a slow reader so it's perfect. I would most definitely recommend this book to any teenagers because her novels are great and I think you would enjoy them. Either if you read Twisted or Speak you will absolutely love it.

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