Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

April 1, 2008
By Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
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In the novel Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, one of the main issues is isolation. In the novel, we see Gregor isolated from his family when he is human and also when he turns into a bug. Gregor's family uses him to support them he is the only one in the family that works and they also don't treat him like he is a part of the family. We also see isolation and the problem of being dependent on people in real life today. Gregor feels isolated at home and at his job, he feels like he is used and worthless which makes him feel almost not human.

Gregor works to support his family. He is their main source of income. He gets up every morning and goes to work at a job he doesn't like. When he's at home, he is treated like he isn't even part of the family and he spends most of his time alone in his room. His father says, “It nearly makes me cross the way he never goes out in the evenings; he's been in town for a week now but stayed home every evening.”(6) Gregor also doesn't have much of his own life; it all revolves around work His father continues, “The lad only ever thinks about the business.”(6) Gregor is so used to being isolated at home that he doesn't even want to have his own life because he feels like he has so much responsibility. He is isolated from the real world and this keeps him from doing things that he wants to do and what he should really be experiencing in his life. Gregor says “You're well aware that I'm seriously in debt to our employer as well as having to look after my parents and my sister, so that I'm trapped in a difficult situation.”(9) Gregor was always depended on and used to do all the work when he wasn't a bug but when he turns into one his family pretty much abandons him even more.
Gregor isn't only isolated at home and from the real world even at work he is also treated differently and used. “Please don't make things any harder for me than they are already, and don't take sides against me at the office. I know that nobody likes the travelers.”(9) Gregor is trapped in something that he doesn't like or want he is forced to work at a job that he hates just so he can support his family.” And you're also well aware that we travelers spend almost the whole year away from the office, so that we can very easily fall victim to gossip and chance and groundless complaints, it's almost impossible to defend yourself. He is also used at work too by his boss that he hates and feels like he doesn't fit in at the office and he is treated like he is below everyone else that works there.

Just like in Gregor's life he feels isolated and alone we see this in real life to in families, friends, school and work. Gregor's family not including him in what they do and making him do all the work in the family are things that happen all the time even though we might not all know about it. Also when people are treated like Gregor at home and even at work they probably do feel like they are treated like bugs almost and feel worthless. There is always someone in each group of people that is depended on more than others by choice or not it happens. People who are treated this way it usually isn't their choice it just happens that way because they might not be able to stick up for themselves or they feel week against the other people there around so they just don't say anything and just accept being treated that way.

Just like in the novel Metamorphosis people are isolated in society like Gregor was isolated in his family and at work. We see it in groups of friends, at work, at school and even in families. In every group or organization of people someone is more depended on than others so they almost feel isolated from the rest of the group or almost like they don't fit in, in society just like Gregor did, we just don't all turn into bugs.

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