Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini

September 7, 2011
By SongAway BRONZE, Burton-Upon-trent, Other
SongAway BRONZE, Burton-Upon-trent, Other
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Author Josephine Angelini manages to takes the well beaten track of the subject 'unattainable love' and reinvent it in the genius debut novel, Starcrossed is really a book that should not be missed. A premiss that has been thoroughly used was a very brave move but, I'm so happy to say as this book was 514 pages long, it never seemed cliched in anyway. So, we're introduced to Helen that remains quite enigmatic for some time. If we think she's not weird enough already, she sees the new guy, Lucas Delos, and wants to kill him. If that doesn't grip you in, heaven knows what will. They want to be together but it sometimes seems that they are thrown into a cycle where they really have no choice of their own destiny.

I've never read any books that are framed around Greek mythology, shock horror! Sure I've studied at school but an element of fiction doth make it more interesting. I know that the book bares little resemblance to authentic Greek myths, it didn't bother me at all, At times, Angelini managed to discombobulate me with everything. Sometimes it was a bit 'much' but that does reflect life, right? It'd be hard to try and sum the plot in a sentence so I'm just going to offer a little bit - Centuries ago mistakes were made by their ancestors, it is then their destiny to repeat the mistakes made. Believe me, that sentence does not give the novel justice.

I disliked some characters. I say 'some', I mean one-Clare. WIth constant reference to her height and how she's so 'tough', it annoyed me. Clare is just dropped into this secondary story line where it's obvious that her and Jason, Lucas' brother (or cousin, sorry) have mutual 'feelings' for each other. What is, perhaps, more important is the main characters in the form of Helen and Lucas. I loved Lucas, he had this air of normality to him (despite being a demigod). He had weaknesses that he struggled with, not helped by Helen's advances, catch my drift? But the consequences of such actions are too great. Helen, on the other hand, is one of those mildly annoying 'oh-so-great-but-unknown-to-it' girls. This seems I contradicting my statement that this book is 'amazing', I'm really not. I'm just magnifying every minor irritant I found in this book, for the sake of my readers. Lucas belongs to a very Cullen-esque family, sorry for the annoying reference it just had to be done. I really liked his family as they all have little traits exclusive to them which I think it's a nice touch,.

I think the book was well written and executed at just the right pace to keep the reader firmly in but not boring anyone. I know I've not really mentioned much about the story line, I know how annoying spoilers can be to potential readers so I'm always in two minds what or what not to include. I could literally write about this book forever, there is just so much too it. I didn't realize how long it was until I was released from my trance like state.

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