The Window by Jeanette Ingold

March 9, 2008
Do you ever wonder what it would be like to live in a world that you can’t see? Well, in the book ‘’The Window’’, Mandy’s life is like that. Read this book to hear how a car crash changed her life forever.
Mandy is a car crash victim. ’’ The crash killed her mother and left her alone and blind’’. Her aunt and uncle, who she doesn’t even know, took her in but they treat her like she is a doll, like she can’t do anything because she is blind. She HATES it!!! She doesn’t let her disability ruin her life, she is still Mandy. Mandy realizes that she can hear more then other people do. But what she hears isn’t normal. What she hears- and seems to ‘’see’’- are things that happened years ago, before she was even born! Through out the book, Mandy deals with her aunt and uncle and tries to find out why she hears or ‘’sees’’ these things out the window.
I thought ‘’The Window’’ was a very interesting book. Mandy doesn’t want her disability to change the way she lives. It’s fun to see what she will do next. The author makes Mandy brave; Mandy’s blindness doesn’t bother her. I think the life lesson is never let a disability ruin your life, just live it! I recommend ‘’The Window’’ to teens or people who like to read about people and how they live with a disability.
‘’The Window’’ is very well written and you want to keep reading because you want to see what the window is trying to tell her and why she is ‘’seeing’’ what she is ‘’seeing’’. So, go out and read ‘’The Window!’’

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