The Twilight Saga: New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

June 27, 2011
By dimitrad SILVER, Kastoria, Other
dimitrad SILVER, Kastoria, Other
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I've read lately one of the Twilight Saga's books. New Moon. I think that it was not that interesting. No, no. It was completely boring! There was a time that I was so bored to read all those Bella's musings (they were too complex for my level and also too many for my time and patience) that I was reading only the dialogues. Also, the book's atmosphere was very sad and depressed (not that the other books had any different atmosphere) and the fact that Bella and Jacob couldn't work out their "almost-romantic" relationship was frustrating and Jacob drove me really crazy trying to convince Bella to be with him and not with Edward, which was the one who abandoned her (technically he didn't want to abandon her, he was forced to). To sum up, Jacob's continuous insistence could be too boring and pissing someone off. I don't have any problem with Twilight Saga's books. Not at all. Stephenie Meyer is very a successful author and woman.

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