Flipped by Wendelin Van Drannen

May 5, 2008
By Taylor Rice, Henrietta, NY

When was the last time you really liked someone, and he didn't like you back? It all happened to you before and you know it. The contemporary novel Flipped, by Wendelin Van Drannen allows you as a reader to let your feelings open up and sink its heart in to a funny, realistic story of love.

Bryce Loski has an average life for the most part. He has a mom, dad, and a sister named Lynetta. But this teenage life all changes when he meets he new neighbor, JULIANNA BAKER! All Bryce wants is for Julianna (Juli) to leave him alone. At school, outside, in the hallways, Juli is there 24-7 by his side.

Meanwhile Juli Baker, a wanna-be and never-will-be Bryce's boyfriend, fails to realize Bryce's true feeling towards her. She later son becomes caught between the most important decision in her life that really flips the book around -a nail-dropping decision that could change it all right before your eyes.

I was extremely curious to see how the book would end. In the beginning of the book it starts off very standard, no big surprises. But as the story continues, it's so unique. Every word seems to be placed in the right spot to create the melody of a perfect love story.

But the real mind-twister of the book is the point of view(s) it's told by. One chapter is told by Bryce's point of view. The next chapter is told by Juli's point of view; each of the views are very similar. I felt that as the book continued I was really able to connect to each and every character and start to see the meaning of love.
Picking this book up was the best thing that ever happened to me. Within only seconds of the first page, I was automatically drawn into a spectacular world of this book. Not only could I visualize the scenes, I was welcomed into a universe of new smells, sights, sounds and feelings. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good love story. So what are you waiting for! Grab a book and dig in!

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