Out of My Mind by Sharon M Draper

May 31, 2011
By Anonymous

I read the book “Out of My Mind” by Sharon M. Draper. I liked how this book explained what Melody, the main character, smelled. I also liked how she described Melody’s character. Lastly, I liked this book because of all the challenges Melody had to overcome. I liked this book because of the details, how the main character was portrayed, and the challenges she faced.
I enjoyed reading this book because of how the author described things. One of the things Melody describes is the smell of things. One thing she described was “the tangy odor of the heated dust as the house warmed up in the morning.” I also liked how she describes what words are to her. “Words swirled around me like snowflakes,” and “Deep within me, words pile up in huge drifts.” I also enjoyed the way she described how she functions. “My arms and hands are pretty stiff, and I can mash the buttons on the TV…” and “My balance is like zip-Humpty Dumpty had more control that I do.” This is one of the reasons I liked this book.
I think the main thing that made me love this book so much was the main character, Melody. Melody is very special and unique. She is unique and special because she has cerebral palsy. She has a pretty sever case because she can’t control her movements and she can’t talk. But she also has a photographic memory which I think would be pretty awesome. This is how she describes it, “It’s like I have a camera in my head, and if I see or hear something, I click it, and it stays. She also is a genius. She can remember complicated number sequences, remember words and pictures in correct sequences and quote long passages of poetry. But no one knows how much potential she really has.
I also liked the book because of all the challenges Melody had to overcome in this book. An example of this is when people thought she was stupid since she couldn’t talk or control her movement. Even the doctors thought she was stupid and talked to her like a baby, which made her mad so she just acted stupid to get it over with. Another challenge she has to go through is she can’t talk. She loves her parents so much but she can’t tell them. She also doesn’t have control of her body so sometimes her limbs spazzed out and knock stuff over. This usually happens when she gets excited or she is trying to communicate with someone. I know I wouldn’t be able to handle all the problems she has to face and it made me appreciate how lucky I am to be able to do all the things I can do: walk, talk, eat normally, and so many other things.
I enjoyed this book because of descriptions, how Melody’s character was portrayed, and the challenges she faced. I would recommend this book to everyone because we all need to realize how lucky we are to be able to do the things that we can do. I won’t spoil the ending but it ties up all the loose ends and ends happily, even though you think it won’t. I would give this book five stars.

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