Three Little Words by Ashley Rhodes-Courter

May 27, 2011
By Anonymous

Three Little Words. Rhodes-Courter, Ashley. New York: Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing Division. 2008. Pages 296

Ashley Rhodes-Courter was born in North Carolina in 1985 then entered Florida Foster care system. Throughout this book she will explain all the cold hearted people and cold hearted times that she went to after 195 people dealing with her and her brother Luke. But then to come find out that there was not even a judge looking at her or her brothers records in five year during the fourteen they were in the foster care system.
Everything is not how it always seems. Ashley Rhodes-Courter will show you that as she writes a biography of her childhood called Three Little Words from foster home to foster home Ashley and her younger brother Luke go through. While having to battle to see their mother (Larraine Rhodes) and going through the Moss’s house. All Ashley can ever think of is hearing her mother’s words on the first visit “Sunshine, you’re my baby and I’m your only mother. You just mind the one taking care of you, but she is not your mama”. As Ashley writes she puts in great details in whatever is going on or what is happening. While I read this book I saw all the hard times and all the good times that Ashley and Luke had.

While reading this book I felt as if I was in Ashley and Luke’s shoes because the vivid descriptions. Ashley and Luke went through so much that if were me I would still be devastated. But at the end Ashley and Luke both were adapted and had wonderful lives.

I would recommend this book to anyone how loves to read about how two little kids became do caught up in the foster care system that no one could ever believe. This book is one of the best book I have read in a very long time. If you would like to read more about Ashley Rhodes-Courter her website is

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