Diary of a Wimpy Kid THE UGLY TRUTH by Jeff Kinney

May 27, 2011
May 26, 2011

Diary of a wimpy kid THE UGLY TRUTH

“I’m actually starting to get a little concerned, because school starts back up in a few days, and if we’re gonna get this friendship back on track, something needs to happen quick. If me and Rowley ARE really through, that would stink because the two of us had a pretty good thing going.” Well you live and learn I always say, but in this book Greg doesn’t want to grow up and learn, he wants to stay a kid, but he learns throughout the story that there is no stopping the fact that you are going to grow up, and the things that are going to change for you…

Going through this book, I realize that I feel exactly the same way as Greg, but I realize the same things as him too. The fact that I can’t stay a kid forever and the fact that I have to start carrying out my responsibilities as I start to grow up, still though it seems like Greg doesn’t care, like no matter what he wants to act like a kid. I think that the way Greg reacts to the things he learns are interesting too, he is just in the middle school anyways and he is beginning to actually grow up himself. Things like projects, caring for an egg like it’s your child and all the talks he has been getting and being without Rowley can all lead to the ugly truth.

I personally think that the author did a great job writing this book because Jeff Kinney uses good writing and dialogue in; The Diary of a Wimpy Kid THE UGLY TRUTH, I feel like he gives a really good middle school experience, and it is pretty realistic. Also the perspective that I get from Greg is really interesting because he is just a funny character and the way he thinks is completely different from me, and it gives me a different way to think about different situations, just like thinking outside of the box. The author did a great job with the perspective of the story, and I feel like the writing in a diary is a nice way to write a story. I like it personally because it is like getting the thoughts of a middle schooler and all of his personally thoughts into his place of privacy and it all being spoiled basically to the whole world (us)! I recommend this book to all elementary students because they will have a blast while reading this, and also to get a good idea of what middle school can possibly be like. Also to all other people because it will just make you smile when reading this book, and it can’t hurt you at all to pick it up and start reading!

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footballfreak said...
Oct. 14, 2011 at 10:54 am
One of the funny parts is when Greg has to talk to his grandmother about the changes he will be experiencing. Another is when he thinks he will be a grooms man and becomes the assistant flower boy. You might want to start at the beginning of the series because the first couple will give you more off an idea of who the characters are. I believe it is a truly great book. If you like humor you will probably love this book I know I did.
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