twilight by Stephanie Meyer

May 4, 2011
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Book title and author: twilight: Stephanie meyer
Title of review: (=*Great Book*=)
Number of stars (1 to 5):

Introduction:::: Bella Swan moved in with her father in Forks. She hadn’t been there since she was a little girl. Her dad bought her a truck, and that was when she started talking more to Jacob. Her first day at Forks High School, she met a couple of people and became really good friends with them. On that same day she met Edward Cullen. She was very attracted to him and couldn’t quit thinking about him. She ended up having class with him but they didn’t speak because he was too worried about biting her but he couldn’t do that. He had to retain himself.

Description and summary of main points:::: They ended up talking and going out together. He is always with her to make sure nothing bad happens to her. Very protective over her. He had to stay with her all the time because the other bad vampires were out to get her.

Evaluation:::: I thought this book is absolutely amazing. I love it. It’s a romantic and kinda scary at the same time. Really interesting

Conclusion:::: Bella got bit by a bad vampire and almost died. Edward had to suck all the venom out of her but he thought he wouldn’t be able to stop. After they got out of the hospital Bella and Edward went to prom together.

Your final review:::: My final thought about this book is that its really amazing. I like it a lot.

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