April 15, 2011
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The title of my book is Flush. The author of Flush is Carl Hiaasen. The genre is global issues and the copyright date is 2005. I usually don’t like any books I read, but I actually liked the book Flush. At first, I didn’t really like it and started to think it was boring but then it got interesting and I couldn’t stop reading it. I would definitely say that the book hooked me as I started reading more of it towards the beginning/middle of the book. The author Carl Hiaasen did a great job of trying to get kids to read his book if that’s what he was trying to do. I’m sure a lot of other kids around the world got hooked when they read his book Flush because it was a very interesting and it had a great plot.

I would most definitely recommend his book to anyone who likes or doesn’t like to read, no matter what age you are I’m sure you will enjoy his book and be glad you read it. I promise anyone who reads the book Flush you will get hooked on it and you wont want to stop reading. You will love it.

Flush was about a boy named Noah Underwood. At the beginning of the book, Noah goes to see his father on Fathers Day in jail. At first, I thought I was going to be reading some book about how a kids father made bad decisions and went to jail, but I kept reading and it turned out Noah’s father sunk the Coral Queen. The Coral Queen is a casino boat run by a man named Dusty Muleman. Dusty Muleman is not a very nice man, neither is his son Jasper Jr. Noah’s father sunk the Coral because he faithfully believes that Dusty Muleman is dumping his waste from the boat into the water. The waste is polluting the water and flowing up on a popular beach where many animals and people go. Noah and his sister Abby recapitulate their fathers conundrum and catch Dusty Muleman in his obstreperous actions, with a little help from Shelly, Dustys former fiancé and a former bartender who has been laid off the Coral Queen. If you want to know how Noah, Abbey and Shelly caught Dusty Muleman in his disobedient actions you have to read the book and find out. As I stated earlier it is a great book and you should definitely read it, All in all I think everyone should read the book Flush because Carl Hiaasen is a distinguished writer!

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