The Chronicles of Vladmir Tod by Heather Brewer

April 23, 2011
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The Chronicles of Vladmir Tod, by Heather Brewer, is a series that really blew my mind. This fantasy about a teenage half-vampire is a very well written story. The main character, Vladmir Tod, has many regular problems that come with being in high school. Girl troubles, bullies, and problems with his best friend, Henry, all define Vlad’s life. But that is only part of it. He also has to deal with keeping his powers a secret from humans, dealing with D’Ablo, another vampire out to kill him, learning about his different powers, resisting the urge to feed off of humans, as well as coming to terms with being the Pravus, the most powerful vampire in existence. The conflicts and the character development really make Brewer’s readers really think about what will happen next. WARNING: if you plan on reading this series, stop reading here!

The conflicts of the series keep the readers, well, reading. For example, in Eleventh Grade Burns, Vlad and the slayer, Joss, are having nightly duels around their small town, but when the sun comes up, they act like best friends. Other vampires come for Vlad; one has an irresistible urge to drink his blood, another, called D’Ablo fights to capture Vlad, and always has at least on vampire prowling around in Bathory, their town, to hunt him down. He also has troubles with the girl he likes, Meredith, and he also has arguments with his best friend/vampire slave, Henry about whether or not Henry should have to obey his direct orders. All in all, the conflicts are intense and keep the books interesting.

The character development really helps the reader understand the characters more. For example, at the end of Eleventh Grade Burns, Vlad thinks he is going to die, so he makes sure his vampire slaves are free, and know that he will die. He is enraged at Joss when he kills Vlad’s fellow vampire, Dorian. In Eighth Grade Bites, he conceals his secret and runs away from trouble, but in Eleventh Grade Burns, he is always fighting, looking for trouble, and confronting his fears. I think that the character development really makes it worth reading.

The series was excellent, and I cannot wait to read the fifth book; Twelfth Grade Kills. All in all, I believe that The Chronicles of Vladmir Tod is a very well written series, and that Heather Brewer really should be praised for her work.

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