The Red Badge of Courage by Stephan Crane

April 14, 2011
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I read the book The Red Badge of Courage. This book was written by Stephen Crane. The genre of The Red Badge of Courage is global issues. The copyright date of this book is 1979.

I would not recommend this book to other middle school students because it is a very boring book. The main character is very whiny in the beginning of the book. I thought that this was annoying and didn’t even want to finish the book. I do not believe that this book would be good for students, even ones that enjoy the topic of war. This book is about war, but a lot of the book is the soldiers just complaining.

The book The Red Badge of Courage is a book about war. The Red Badge of Courage is a book about a soldier while he is in the army. The main character of this story was drafted into the army and is forced to fight in a war. The main character is afraid that if a battle occurs, he will run from it. His company has only been training and had yet to see a battle. Early one morning they were force to pack up and move out. They were assigned a mission to sneak up behind the enemy’s flank and surprise attack them.

The book The Red Badge of Courage is a book about war. The book is very boring and I would not recommend it to other students. The book was not very interesting and people complained a lot in it. I suggest that middle school students don’t read this book.

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