Knights of Hill Country by Tim Tharp

March 30, 2011
By , South Portland, ME
I read the book Knights of Hill Country by Tim Tharp and the story is about a small town kid named Hampton Green growing up in Kennisaw Oklahoma. He is the star of the high school football team and everyone has high expectations for him and his best friend Blaine. The Knights are the best team around and Hampton has many challenges on and off of the field that are conflicting.

Hampton's best friend Blaine is become very aggressive towards everyone. He had a injury that know one knows about besides Hampton and he's scared he's going to loose the spot at the start offensive player. Also Hampton likes a girl that a start football player should never even be around. Everyone is making fun of him for it including his best friend Blaine but Hampton truly doesn't care.

This book has a few genre's such as Romance because Hampton is the start player and he falls in love with a girl . It is also action because of all the football they play and how close all of there games are.

My over all thoughts of this book was that it was very good! I felt very bad for Hampton through out the book though. I feel like his Mom never really cared about him and his friends were always so selfish. So he was pretty much on his own with no one to talk to but himself. But it was a very great book. I would recommend it to anyone who likes sports or romance, or both!

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