Gale Hawthorne

March 16, 2011
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Gale Hawthorne is another boy that is extremely important in Katniss’ life. He, like Peeta, has also grown up with Katniss in District 12 and has cared for Katniss and her family for as long as they both can remember. Their trips to the forest to illegally hunt in order to get by and their inseparable attitude they obtained as kids made it seem as if they were meant to be. That all changed when Katniss’ name was called during the reaping for the 74th hunger games. Gale stayed behind and cared for both their families, while Katniss was off with Peeta. Fast forward many years and you’ll find the tough yet caring Gale still holding on to his childhood crush on Katniss as they battled their way towards the Capitol during the rebellion. Not to be forgotten, Gale made something of his natural impeccable hunting skills and became an essential part of the rebel. Despite the fact Katniss did end up getting married to Peeta, Gale never gave up on his hunting partner, and the two stayed close throughout the entire length of the story.

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