Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift

March 10, 2011
By Anonymous

The main character, Lemuel Gulliver is a doctor who seizes long adventures. While on a boat with his crew, it had tipped and Gulliver later found himself shore. Gulliver then tackles many little and big problems. Finding himself extremely larger than everyone else on the island, he made peace with the little people. Later released due to helping put out a fire by spitting water because the queen became very upset. Upon greater circumstances, Gulliver was found smaller than everyone else on a different island. Soon being found by his own sized people at sea while trapped in an oversized dollhouse.

I think I could relate to Gulliver because sometimes I do not know what is going on. I sometimes do not expect life to be as bizarre as it seems. If what I see through my prospective is real or a hallucination. I could of felt the emotions of Gulliver because sometimes I feel like a bigger more tougher person and sometimes I feel like everyone else can step on me. I have been on some really bizarre adventures similar but not to crazy as Gulliver’s before. Overall, Gulliver and I have a similar prospective about life as it is.

In my opinion, the book was quite an exquisite novel. Reading page to page was very sought out and made the reader want to continue. My favorite part of the book was near the ending where the money grabs Gulliver and climbs the building, quite hilarious. It was difficult to choose but my least favorite part of the book was when the giant finds Gulliver. Personally I do not like the severely long necks of the giants and the mental picture structured into my mind was not clear due to a jump from being huge to becoming little.

My recommendation of this book to a person would be an 85% yes over 15% no. this book is well planned and well written. Nothing negative about this book, due to the various amounts of adventure. I suggest a person who craves adventure books will surely like this book. This book is a personal favorite of mine; time after time I reread this book when I am relaxed. Therefore, Jonathan Swift prepared a well constructed book for readers to enjoy.

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