Mental Toughness by Karl Kuehl, John Keuhl, Casey Tefertiller

March 9, 2011
By derekjm15 SILVER, Earlham, Iowa
derekjm15 SILVER, Earlham, Iowa
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Baseball’s Winning Edge

Baseball is a methodical sport, and many people have written books on the philosophy of baseball. Mental Toughness written by Karl Keuhl, John Keuhl, and Casey Tefertiller, is one of the greatest books I have read, period. Reading this book makes a person not only look at baseball differently, but at all aspects of life differently.

The book starts off with a foreword by Tony La Russa who is the manager for the St. Louis Cardinals. He gives his thoughts about mental toughness, and how important it is for his players. After the foreword the book begins to guide the reader through the mental aspects of baseball. It focuses on the attitude it takes to be the best of your ability, which in turn will bring you wins. As it continues, it tells how players should have their mind set to do their best. The authors talk specifically how many famous players have changed their attitude which changed their game for the better. In some cases, it is the deciding factor between being stuck in the minor leagues, or being a star in the major leagues. The book provides proper sentences a player should be thinking. It breaks the game down into every situation, and gives examples of what to say to yourself in that situation.

Mental Toughness has changed the way I do things. After I started reading it, I had a better outlook on all things in my life. Every day now I have a better attitude. It has the power to change a negative attitude into a positive one. It is hard to stop reading because it is so interesting. It is truly amazing how someone could put all these thoughts about America’s pastime into words. The remarkable stories about the most famous players came to be who they are by using their own mental toughness are just outstanding.

This book will help players gain strong attitude, confidence, and work ethic. This is a perfect read for any player, coach, or baseball enthusiast. If baseball had a book that every player worshiped, this would be it. If you want baseball’s winning edge, go get it with Mental Toughness.

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