Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad

March 8, 2011
By Jack Mitchell BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Jack Mitchell BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Joseph Conrad, in his classic Lord Jim, explains Jim’s romantic imagination and his guilty conscience. This novel was first published in the year 1900 and since has become a classic

Jim, also known as Lord Jim or Tuan Jim, loves the sea more than anything. He loves it so much that he decides to base his life around it. Jim is made first mate on the Patna; however, Jim’s life does not turn out to be everything the reader expects. One calm night the Patna wrecks and Jim makes the decision that will forever change him. He jumps. He jumps into, “an everlasting deep hole.” Jim flees the sinking ship and will forever live with the guilt of killing his mates and friends. Jim is tried at the court of inquiry, and unfortunately found guilty. This is when Jim’s quest to regain his honor begins. Jim becomes good friends with Marlow, a man who feels the need to help Jim. Jim is sent to Patusan where he meets Jewel, a half native half English women. Jim resides in Patusan and is happy there. Jim’s troubles do not stop here. He becomes involved with the characters Brown, Dain Waris, and Doramin and he eventually regains his honor through heroic acts.

Conrad did a phenomenal job on Lord Jim. He puts such depth, and adventure, and love into this classic. He gives Jim so much life with the strive and the need to regain his honor.

I liked this story. Even though it was difficult to comprehend because of the great depth that the author went into, it was still a good story. It’s filled with love and hatred and compassion and the will to do good. It explains who some men really are. Whether they are cowards, or heroes, or villains. It proves that no matter how mant mistakes a man makes, he can still be a hero

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