Wait Till Helen Comes by Mary Downing Hohn

February 18, 2011
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Molly and her family move to the country in Howell, Maryland. Her stepsister Heather, starts talking to a ghost from 100 years ago named Helen. Helen hides out in the graveyard, which is their backyard. Heather makes Molly and Michael’s lives miserable. Molly starts to worry about Heather. So when Molly tries to help, Heather always twists thing around and gets Molly in trouble.
The book is about a family moving into an old church, which is now their house they’re staying in. Molly is the older daughter, Michael is the brother, and Heather is the little step-sister. Molly and Michael’s mom got a divorce. And Heather’s mom died in a mysterious house fire. So Heather’s dad and Molly’s mom are married. They and their families move to Maryland. Heather makes Molly and Michael’s life desperate and horrible. Heather starts to talk to a ghost named Helen. Helen and her family died, also. So Heather and Helen become friends because Helen says that Heather’s life is empty and that Heather has no friends. Helen will go to her grave tomb sometimes. And her grave tomb is in Molly’s backyard. Molly starts to worry about Heather because Heather is starting to let Helen go to her head. Each day Heather gets weirder and weirder. When Molly tries to help her, she backfires on Molly. Helen doesn’t like it when Molly tries to help. So Helen turns on Heather. And Helen wants to stop Molly from trying to help. So she does.
Helen tries to drown Heather. Molly tries to help to get her out. When she does they start to walk and they fall into a floor. And they don’t know when they’ll get out. Their brother Michael tries to find them, but he’s not real sure where they are.
I thought this book was really good! It left me with some questions. But I like that. I love this book because it’s creepy, scary, and it has to do with ghosts. And I also love it because it’s different from most of the other books. I could read this book over and over again. I give this book five stars.

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