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Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

February 9, 2011
By Anonymous

Just Listen
By: Sarah Dessen
Do you sometimes wonder what it’s like to have everything? To be the most popular girl in school with friends everywhere you look, good grades, a modeling career, and a guy’s attention. If you like what I said so far then Just Listen, by Sarah Dessen is the book for you. It’s about a girl named Annabel Greene, the girl who has everything you could possibly ever wish for. However, as the story unravels so does Annabel’s life, and just how imperfect her life is.
Ever since an incident that happened earlier that summer, Annabel hasn’t been the same. She went from the girl with everything to the girl with nothing in a matter of a few months. Slowly isolating herself from the world just wanting to be alone, which is exactly what happens. Now not only is Annabel alone with no friends, but she is also haunted by her past mistakes that she has made. Things start looking up as she begins to connect with a guy named Owen, who is completely obsessed with music, and is known as the school outcast. With everything that has happened can Annabel decide to let the past go, or will she try and do what she should have did to fix it?
The way Dessen wrote the book is from Annabel Greene’s perspective, giving the reader an easier understanding of how she feels and what she thinks. Dessen’s does an amazing job with the characters because I feel that a lot of teenagers can relate to the drama that is created, and the people who are involved.
Overall Sarah Dessen’s book Just Listen was phenomenal. It kept me reading until the very last page and I still wanted more. Dessen was an author that I never heard about until my best friend advised me to read this book. I never have been big on reading about teen drama, but this author really changed my thoughts on it. I enjoyed how the story wasn’t written in a well planned method, which made it even more interesting to read, because it’s more like reality. Meaning that in real life nothing ever goes as planned and you can’t predict what’s going to happen next. This book is perfect for all girls who like teenage drama with an unexpected ending. Leaving you with a carving for more books by Sarah Dessen, and a new perspective of life.

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